About theOwner

Jyl London

CEO and President

I am the CEO and President of Silver Retreat Properties (where I work with investors to buy properties). I also am the Founder and President of Love of Life (LOL) Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

I have been a people leader for over 20 years and I have a zest for knowledge in all things relating to technology, people and processes. Being a leader at Fortune 500 companies is what led to most of my vast experience in business, but also my lifelong love for helping others achieve their goals.

On a personal level… My life was far from easy as I had children really young and worked all hours of the night to support and raise my children single-handedly; However, don’t ask me if it was hard, because I will tell you that regardless of it all I am blessed.

Even during that I was still able to run several businesses, own my charity, board for other charities, receiving my MBA and surviving cancer twice. I am referred by many as having the “IT” factor both technology and non-technology (I think that is a compliment :))

I have complete humility and a passion for giving back; which makes me proud to be a professional investor and helping others sell their homes quickly.

“I believe sales strategies win and the most important thing to your business is how you are presented and how you communicate with your customers. After all customers are really the owners of any business and I am thrilled to be a member with like individuals.